Everything You Need To Know About Building A Granny Flat

Granny flats are becoming more popular throughout Queensland, and with good reason. They present a great solution to few common issues.

Some of the benefits a Granny Flat provides are opportunities for home offices, additional rental income, accommodation for elderly relatives and teenagers, travel accommodation such as Air BnB, or just extra room for guests.

And with the rise in deposits required for new homes, Granny Flats are also becoming a viable option for the Two Third’s of Millennial’s still living at home, and One Fifth expecting to live at home until they are thirty! Depending on who you are as a parent these statistics will either warm your heart or cause it to stop for a second… But catch your breath and lets continue…

As with everything in the property and building industry there are a number of things to look out for, so let’s explore some of the benefits of building a Granny Flat on you’re existing property, and what you need to know.

Brisbane City Council (and most other councils), class a Granny Flat, as a “Secondary dwelling” but you can avoid a Development Application if:

  • The Granny Flat has a maximum floor area of 80m2

  • Is more than 20m from the existing dwelling

  • Is going be tenanted by a member of the Household

A “Household” is defined as “an individual or a group of two or more related or unrelated people who reside in the dwelling, with the common intention to live together on a long-term basis and who make common provision for food or other essentials for living”.

If a Granny Flat does not adhere to the criteria above, for instance if it will be rented to another tenant outside of the household, it will be treated as a “Dual Occupancy” and therefore be subject to a Development Application.

A Granny flat is still subject to the standard planning scheme, and must adhere to the same rules and regulations as required for any other dwelling on a property. This includes Setbacks, Building Heights and Site coverage. Therefore making not every property ideal for a Granny Flat, but some of these regulations can be relaxed with certain applications made to council for a variation in the planning rules.

1 Carpark is required for a Granny flat, in addition to 1 Carpark for the existing dwelling on the property. There a few reasons for the increase in popularity of Granny Flats, one being less opportunity for developable space within Brisbane, which has coincided with Council’s relaxing the rules and regulations around Granny Flats making them easier to be approved and built which is good news for those budding property developers. There are a couple of different ways to get your granny flat designed and built.

A number of Kit Set Granny Flat designs are available to be bought “Off the shelf” however in most cases additional drawings will be required to get your Development approval or Building Approval. These will need to be prepared by a Draftsman or Building Designer, and the cookie cutter approach may not be the right solution for everyone. For a more custom approach to your design and your site requirement’s a Draftsman or Building Designer may be the better solution.

In any case, now your a little more knowledgable about your options for a potential Granny Flat and best of luck with the process! For more information visit www.badesign.com.au or flick us an email at contact@badesign.com.au