About Brad Andrew Design


My name is Brad. I’m a Building Designer and Draftsman based In Brisbane, Australia. I design functional, modern Building Design Solutions while helping my clients navigate the approval and construction process. I began my career in Melbourne as a Building Designer and Draftsman, where I learned to focus on functional design and client relationships. While I have my own design preference’s of course, I start my project journey by carefully listening to my clients to understand their goals and motivations. That way I can be of service in a way that ensures I do a great job for the people I work with and create the best Building Design Solution that my clients are over the moon about.

There are many moving parts in the Building Design and Construction Process and many things to be considered to ensure the best approach for each situation. These include the goals and motivations of my client’s, their lifestyle, budget, time frames and more. There are plenty of ways to waste money and arrive at the wrong outcome when designing and constructing a building. I show my clients how to avoid this, and hopefully how to enjoy the experience of creating their dream building or space. I do this with expert knowledge and a 1 on 1 working relationship….

I work independently, with the help of an online team for certain projects. You will deal with me and only me. I believe this to be the best approach that upholds my beliefs in client support and paying attention to the details while not being bogged down in the administration processes that larger firms can sometimes hide behind.

My job is to help you design a building or space that you love, and then bring that into reality by going through each step of the process. I work closely with you, aligned with your goals and budget to produce a Building Design Solution you wouldn’t be without.

I hope we can work together soon, and I can’t to see what we make….

My Process